Meet Your New Mom Friend, Jennifer


Consider Yourself a Priority. I’ll Help.

You have kids, so you know — life rarely goes as planned — especially when little ones rock our world.

When I had my kids, life knocked me off my feet faster than I’d expected. Sure, I knew things would be different, but what I hadn’t planned for were the realities of postpartum depression(which I suffered through twice) and a massive identity crisis. It took work to heal myself. It took work to learn to love and accept myself as is. Through it all, I found so much beauty and today I’m thankful for the struggle because it allowed me to rediscover what truly lights me up.

With recent tides, I felt pulled to expand these lessons and help others who are walking the lonely road through much of the same. Today I’m so excited (and also scared AF) to share my brain baby with you through the Love Me Free Movement. Because here’s the reality:

● You are worthy of self-care

● You deserve self-love

● You’re 100% capable of achieving a routine that prioritizes your needs

● It’s time to put yourself first while still giving your family a gorgeous life steeped in love

The Love Me Free Movement Is…

1. A Beautiful Experience

I designed the Love Me Free Movement to include a full experience. From tangible productscurated specifically with you in mind, to virtual classes and sessions from experts madeavailable to you on your schedule, you get a beautifully rich experience that’ll help you come home to yourself.

2. A Choice Before

you can make a change, you have to make a choice — to love yourself throughexploration, experimentation, and self-discovery about what truly matters to you. In making thischoice, you’ll find your way to feeling more energized and having more clarity around what youwant this beautiful life to look like for YOU.

3. A Transformation

Self-care isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s a transformation that’s designed to replenish your patience, self-acceptance, and grace. Through the Love Me Free Movement, you’ll learn how to make holistic self-care part of your daily rhythm with small changes, tiny forward movements, consistency, and intentionality. It’s time to release those unhealthy habits in exchange for wellness that’s doable — even for the busiest mom.

It’s time to release those unhealthy habits in exchange for wellness that’s doable — even for the busiest mom.