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Hi, I’m Jen

Mom, x3 to these little balls of energy, wife to my soulmate and a dedicated woman learning how to piece it all together, just like you. I currently have a corporate career in retail merchandising, product procurement, and vendor relations, all things I am super passionate about.

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With the recent tides, I felt a pull to expand on my passions and knowledge and create a little something for you. I am so excited (and scared AF) to share my brain baby with you.

When I had children, things didn’t go according to “plan”- who am I kidding, they still don’t. I suffered from postpartum depression, twice, and underwent a massive identity crisis. Through my own healing, I learned to love and accept myself as is, and rediscovered what truly lights me up! 

I now want to help other women FREE themselves from self-doubt, self-sacrificing, and the pressures of societal expectations. I want to provide inspiration, support, and carefully curated tools to help you rise to the best possible YOU! This is my WHY, why I created Love Me Free – The Movement.

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