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You’re in the right place. Join a community of fellow busy moms who are unapologetically prioritizing their well-being for the sake of their family, career, and sanity.

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Check Self-Care Off Your To-Do List

Self-care is a big term that often comes riddled with guilt for stepping away from our family, shame that we’ll somehow be perceived as selfish, and a feeling of yet another thing that we’ll have to squeeze into our already jam-packed day. That’s why Love Me Free comes in. Discover simple self-care strategies that can be tailored to your busy lifestyle and personal interests.

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Yes, You Can Get Off the Hot Mess Mama Express by Joining the Love Me Free Tribe!

It’s exhausting to be all things to all people, all... the... time! This is where Love Me Free comes in.

Love Me Free is a movement designed to change the unprecedented exhaustion mamas are experiencing today. Join a tribe of women encouraging one another to embrace stress-free self-care. In Love Me Free, you’ll discover new ways to put yourself first without adding more to your already overflowing plate.

Self Care Products

Self-care starts within, but having a few premium products to add a touch of simplicity and happiness throughout your day is also valuable. 

In the quarterly subscription box, I’ve carefully curated some of the best self-care products I’ve found. Each box gives you several premium products to serve your mama needs.

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Does it feel like some moms are hiding some secret potion that they drink anytime overwhelm creeps in, allowing them to slow down time? 

When you subscribe to Love Me Free you not only get the premium theme related products, but a super supportive online community with it!  You get unparalleled access to guest experts who will give you the recipe to that secret potion and teach you how to better care for yourself, one self care focus at a time.

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Pretty soon, you’ll have premium products to make self-care easier. You’ll also have secrets from experts to make self-care possible and enjoyable — even as a crazy-busy mom. 

Pretty soon, the world will want what you have. Share what you’ve discovered and become a light for other mamas needing some extra help in this season. 


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